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Stickers are beautiful, powerful tools of self-expression that rapidly and directly reach the public to make a positive impact on our world. Everybody can slap stickers to make their gear look sweet and raise awareness for a variety of social, civil, and environmental causes. Stickers help you decorate your gadgets or indicate your political and social position when you stick them on your car bumper.

Sometimes, walking around the city, various cool stickers can be found in completely unexpected places. At such moments, you regret that no one else sees them.

Oliver Baudach began preserving the stickers he came across in 1983. Now his personal collection has over 20,000 stickers! Good news is that in 2008 the tiny Sticker Museum in Berlin was opened. The museum displays around 6,000 pieces of rare and unique street art stickers from around the world.

Displayed in cacophonous frames the stickers are the type one might see on a street lamp, skate deck, or mailbox in any big city. While the museum is a little hard to find, it would simply seem to be reflective of the very pieces of art it exhibits which are often hidden off the beaten path, although now they have less chance of being forgotten.

And one more cool place for all sticker lovers – History of Stickers Museum in Toronto, Canada. There You can get know the history, development and influence of the adhesive sticker, from revolutionizing the UK postal system in the 1800s to inspiring countless pieces of street art from around the world today.

Curated by Dave and Holly Combs, editors of the seminal sticker zine Peel Magazine, Stickers: RePEELed takes a look at the unifying art of stickers, bringing together hundreds of pieces of original sticker art from around the world. The exhibition includes works from artists including Shepard Fairey, who celebrated the 30th anniversary of his iconic Obey Giant sticker-turned-brand last year, Rodger Beck, Robots Will Kill, Matthew Hoffman and more.

It should be noted that VR Souvenirs products are a NEW GENERATION of stickers and greeting cards. Volumetric stickers have never been printed before. Well, we hope that our awesome stickers with cool detail will also take their rightful place in such museums!

You are welcome to write comments below and tell us Your opinion. Would you like to have a similar museum in your city?

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