In 2015, the world’s largest postcard was added to the Guinness Book of Records.

A girl from Houston sent a message to her father in space. “Stef Loves You” is a gigantic message written on dry Lake Delamar in Nevada. According to experts from the Guinness Book of Records, the size of the postcard was 5.5 square kilometers!

As it became known, in just a few days, Internet users watched a video in which the creation of the world’s largest postcard was recorded more than 9 million times.

How did Stephanie manage to implement this project?

The mission granted to Hyundai and the team gathered from Europe, Korea and Los Angeles, was to draw a gigantic message on the ground, a message big enough to be seen from the space station. Ground at least 1.6 times bigger than New York Central Park and a perfect weather – no rain, no wind as any wind or rain will erase the message before it could even be read – were the ingredients needed for the project’s success. The team searched all over the U.S. to find a perfect place, which happened to be Delamar Dry Lake of Nevada, and studied the area more than three times before the shooting.

A rough sketch using GPS took a couple of weeks to copy the exact handwriting of Stephanie’s hand-written message, and Hyundai went through a careful study of the land to choose the most perfect car with enough durability, agility and handling – the Genesis.

Skilled drivers of 11 Genesis copied Stephanie’s message on the ground of Delamar Dry Lake without a single mistake, and the entire process and the final message were recorded using diverse filming techniques.

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