Have you ever been to Atlanta?

Cool city :). If you weren’t, then here is a reason to visit it. If you like street art, or just want to make cool Instagram photos, then Atlanta is the place where you need to come! Why? Because Atlanta has hundreds awesome street art objects! And what is more important, self guided Street Art Walking Tours were developed and gathered on one website. So, you can easily find all the images and get some fun walking in different areas!

Art Rudick is a founder of the Atlanta Street Art Map. He started the project in 2017. The interactive website maps more than 600 murals in 16 in-town neighborhoods, presents brief bios of some street artists and takes visitors on seven self-guided, citywide walking tours.

Rudick updates his site every few weeks, usually finding new murals through social media, emailed inquiries and by driving around. To ensure all information is up to date, he does a drive-through of every mural he lists twice each year. Great job!

The idea for the Atlanta Street Art Map began when Rudick and his wife, Lauren, took a trip to New York City and were introduced to Instagram and street-art walking tours. Rudick came home ready to see what Atlanta had to offer. He found plenty. And, while researching murals online, he noticed the lack of up-to-date websites. Many contained photos of murals that were long gone. Instagram was no longer enough to show off Atlanta’s street art, but a comprehensive website could be.

Do you think Street Art is a good instrument to express somebody’s opinion? Obviously Street Art often reflects politics, or artist’s personality, sometimes the history of the city. Themes often vary by neighborhood, some of them are just for fun, and some have more inspirational messages.

What about your city or town, do you have any murals or other kinds of Street Art?
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