Atlanta Street Art

Have you ever been to Atlanta?

Cool city :). If you weren’t, then here is a reason to visit it. If you like street art, or just want to make cool Instagram photos, then Atlanta is the place where you need to come! Why? Because Atlanta has hundreds awesome street art objects! And what is more important, self guided Street Art Walking Tours were developed and gathered on one website. So, you can easily find all the images and get some fun walking in different areas!

Art Rudick is a founder of the Atlanta Street Art Map. He started the project in 2017. The interactive website maps more than 600 murals in 16 in-town neighborhoods, presents brief bios of some street artists and takes visitors on seven self-guided, citywide walking tours.

Rudick updates his site every few weeks, usually finding new murals through social media, emailed inquiries and by driving around. To ensure all information is up to date, he does a drive-through of every mural he lists twice each year. Great job!

The idea for the Atlanta Street Art Map began when Rudick and his wife, Lauren, took a trip to New York City and were introduced to Instagram and street-art walking tours. Rudick came home ready to see what Atlanta had to offer. He found plenty. And, while researching murals online, he noticed the lack of up-to-date websites. Many contained photos of murals that were long gone. Instagram was no longer enough to show off Atlanta’s street art, but a comprehensive website could be.

Do you think Street Art is a good instrument to express somebody’s opinion? Obviously Street Art often reflects politics, or artist’s personality, sometimes the history of the city. Themes often vary by neighborhood, some of them are just for fun, and some have more inspirational messages.

What about your city or town, do you have any murals or other kinds of Street Art?
Please, write in comments below, or send us your Street Art photos here:


The World’s Largest Postcard

In 2015, the world’s largest postcard was added to the Guinness Book of Records.

A girl from Houston sent a message to her father in space. “Stef Loves You” is a gigantic message written on dry Lake Delamar in Nevada. According to experts from the Guinness Book of Records, the size of the postcard was 5.5 square kilometers!

As it became known, in just a few days, Internet users watched a video in which the creation of the world’s largest postcard was recorded more than 9 million times.

How did Stephanie manage to implement this project?

The mission granted to Hyundai and the team gathered from Europe, Korea and Los Angeles, was to draw a gigantic message on the ground, a message big enough to be seen from the space station. Ground at least 1.6 times bigger than New York Central Park and a perfect weather – no rain, no wind as any wind or rain will erase the message before it could even be read – were the ingredients needed for the project’s success. The team searched all over the U.S. to find a perfect place, which happened to be Delamar Dry Lake of Nevada, and studied the area more than three times before the shooting.

A rough sketch using GPS took a couple of weeks to copy the exact handwriting of Stephanie’s hand-written message, and Hyundai went through a careful study of the land to choose the most perfect car with enough durability, agility and handling – the Genesis.

Skilled drivers of 11 Genesis copied Stephanie’s message on the ground of Delamar Dry Lake without a single mistake, and the entire process and the final message were recorded using diverse filming techniques.

When was the last time you sent a postcard to your parents? Don’t waste time, do it right now.
3D postcards from VR Souvenirs will be a wonderful surprise for your loved ones.

Well and of course we are waiting for your comments, your opinion about such an unusual way of sending messages.

Hatch Sticker Museum

World Sticker Museums

Stickers are beautiful, powerful tools of self-expression that rapidly and directly reach the public to make a positive impact on our world. Everybody can slap stickers to make their gear look sweet and raise awareness for a variety of social, civil, and environmental causes. Stickers help you decorate your gadgets or indicate your political and social position when you stick them on your car bumper.

Sometimes, walking around the city, various cool stickers can be found in completely unexpected places. At such moments, you regret that no one else sees them.

Oliver Baudach began preserving the stickers he came across in 1983. Now his personal collection has over 20,000 stickers! Good news is that in 2008 the tiny Sticker Museum in Berlin was opened. The museum displays around 6,000 pieces of rare and unique street art stickers from around the world.

Displayed in cacophonous frames the stickers are the type one might see on a street lamp, skate deck, or mailbox in any big city. While the museum is a little hard to find, it would simply seem to be reflective of the very pieces of art it exhibits which are often hidden off the beaten path, although now they have less chance of being forgotten.

And one more cool place for all sticker lovers – History of Stickers Museum in Toronto, Canada. There You can get know the history, development and influence of the adhesive sticker, from revolutionizing the UK postal system in the 1800s to inspiring countless pieces of street art from around the world today.

Curated by Dave and Holly Combs, editors of the seminal sticker zine Peel Magazine, Stickers: RePEELed takes a look at the unifying art of stickers, bringing together hundreds of pieces of original sticker art from around the world. The exhibition includes works from artists including Shepard Fairey, who celebrated the 30th anniversary of his iconic Obey Giant sticker-turned-brand last year, Rodger Beck, Robots Will Kill, Matthew Hoffman and more.

It should be noted that VR Souvenirs products are a NEW GENERATION of stickers and greeting cards. Volumetric stickers have never been printed before. Well, we hope that our awesome stickers with cool detail will also take their rightful place in such museums!

You are welcome to write comments below and tell us Your opinion. Would you like to have a similar museum in your city?


Postcard history

So, once someone started sending business cards by mail – that was how a postcard was born, the original meaning – an open letter. It is difficult to say what was the exact date of this event, but the postcard in the usual form appeared not so long ago – about 200 years ago.

One of the first official mention of greeting cards dates back to 1777. The Paris Postal Almanac posted a message stating that “by mail are sent as greetings and congratulations on a wide variety of occasions, engraved cards often with text, they are sent open to everyone.”

In 1795, the first series of Christmas cards was released, based on little-known artist Dobson drawings with the scene that is still popular today – the family around the tree.

Postcards quickly gained popularity and already in the second half of the 19th century were printed by millions in many European countries. In the USA, the first postcards issued in 1893 were not intended to be mailed at all – they were sold as souvenirs.

VR Souvenirs Inc. continues the tradition of creating unusual greeting cards, which, thanks to their unique design, durability and detail, can serve as an excellent gift and souvenir.

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